Lesson 3 – Part 2

  • Morning:
    Watch the video lesson. Optional – Review the lesson by listening to the audio in the car, while exercising, etc.
  • Sometime during the day:
    Watch the suggested Eye Wealth Magnet. (Click to Download to Your Computer)
    Do any exercises for that lesson.
    Optional – Review by reading the transcript of that lesson.
  • Night (before bed):
    Listen to the full length Wealth Attraction audio. Or if you’re pressed for time, listen to the Express Version.
  • When you’ve completed ALL 6 lessons in Lesson 2, take the Lesson 2 Mind Tracker
NOTE: Each video Lesson is brief. Most are 8-12 minutes long.
Watch Lesson 3.7 (9 mins.)
Watch Lesson 3.8 (6 mins.)
Watch Lesson 3.9 (2 mins.)
Watch Lesson 3.10 (6 mins.)
Watch Lesson 3.11 (10 mins.)
When you’re done with the last video, take the Lesson 3 Mind Tracker.